Brass Furniture

Sleek designs to add to the beauty of your home. Let your home has its identity with some royal finish modern furniture that are unique as you are. Read More

Office Furniture

Get the range of most comfortable furniture that adds an aesthetic touch to your office. Let your employees be at ease as they take your business ahead. Read More

Outdoor Furniture

Well, from the exclusive outdoor furniture range at Takht Furniture you can get exactly what would contribute to your space of the home. Read More

Indoor Furniture

A home is defined not only by its residents but by the furniture and the interior it accommodates. Read More

Marble Handicrafts

Add the swag of mughals and the beauty of modern architecture with the range of marble handicrafts from Makrana Rajasthan. Read More

Indoor Swing Chairs

How relaxing it feels to come home and enjoy the swings. Yes the swings that once seemed to be the most relaxing part of the day. Read More

Tension Dome

Takht Furniture can do it for you. With world class designs that stand out of the crowd, you can flaunt the modern designs easily. Read More

Gate Furniture

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Interior Design

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