About Us

Takht Furniture has brought to the furniture business a breeze of fresh air. With the craftsmen who are in the business from generations to implementing the latest technology the furniture see a makeover. With the fresh breath and innovation in the furniture business one can always look forward to us for a unique and impressive furniture design. We come up with some of the finely crafted pieces that would add to the aesthetic look and identity of your home. We understand how important each piece of furniture that you buy is not just a perfect looking piece, but well-thought of piece that would carry millions of stories and memories in the future.

Building up a home is the most beautiful part of anyone's life, let us be the part of your journey and create some immortal designs for you.

Our Strengths

With a team that is dedicated to help you build your dream house, we make sure you get nothing less than the best.

Traditional Craftsmen

The craftsmen associated with us are in the business for generations and can create some beautiful masterpieces in no time. They have been making furniture for years and understand all the aspects of the art well.

Modern Equipment

We blend futuristic designs with traditional handcrafted designs. With the experience of generations and the modern equipments to work we make sure that your house reflects your aesthetic taste and identity to the fullest.